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  • Massage for Teens and Tweens…

    Is remedial massage for teens and tweens appropriate? This is a question I get asked regularly from clients. Read this article to learn more about the benefits of teenage and tweenage massage.
  • Massage for Headaches, a Simple Way of Relieving Stress

    Stressed? Need to Relax? A massage for headaches is a simple and effective way of relieving symptoms associated with painful headaches. Read this article to understand how I go about providing my clients headache relief.
  • Sports Massage - The Best Training Partner for Performance

    A quality sports massage on a day off from training is a terrific way to enhance muscle recovery and completely relax the body. Read this article to learn more about how I use sports massage to help my clients perform at their best.
  • How Reflexology and Lymphatic Drainage Help to Ease Chemotherapy Symptoms

    A bit by accident I discovered how amazing reflexology is for helping ease symptoms in the days following chemotherapy treatment. Leading up to Mot...
  • Why is Acupressure a Terrific Treatment for Emotions?

    Looking for an emotional release through your regular massage routine? Incorporating acupressure into your routine might just be what your looking for. Read on to learn more about this terrific massage treatment option.